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2014 TEXAS TECH FOOTBALL POST SPRING DEPTH CHART OFFENSE LT 62 Le Raven Clark 6-5 320 Jr-2L Rockdale, Texas 79 Poet Thomas 6-5 335 Fr-RS Beverly Hills, Mich. DEFENSE END 9 Branden Jackson 6-4 240
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Well greetings this is Trevor from online PC learning comm I'm going to show you how to make this fantastic roster application it contains no code so it's not macro enabled and I've used many of the features the basic features from rosters that I've created that are in use over the years and I put them together into this simple application you'll be able to do this by following my simple instructions you can contact me on my website WWWE see learning comm to offer any feedback or suggestions now let's go through some of the features this roster is a 24 hour 365 day roster similar to what you would use in a hospital but you can adjust this to suit your needs it will be totally variable and as we go through its creation I'll show you where you can stop and change it to suit the needs that you might have in this particular demonstration we have 13 periods of 28 days we'll just go to one and show you here is a roster application for roster 13 and here is the dates for that we'll return to our interface the dates for all of the rosters are just set from this one date box on the interface page we would just simply type in the date we want let's type in for instance the 1st of the 1st 2013 as our starting date and you'll see that all of the rosters are populated from this so if we go down to roster number 6 which is Tuesday May the 21st we should see that that's populated 21st of May is the start of this roster period the sheet names are shown here on the interface page so if we were to change a sheet name which I will now do that change will be reflected here on the sheet interface page when we go to that roster will not affect the navigation here is the sheet name at the top in fact it is not necessary to have the sheet names shown here so I'll remove them for the rest of this demonstration to simply go to file and options and then to the Advanced tab scroll down to where it asks you to show the sheet tabs and we'll go untuck box and ok now our sheet tabs are removed all of our variables for the roster are set from a sheet called lists here we have the lists we'll be able to set the type of shift and then the type code and description I've used letters to illustrate the shifts here but you can use anything you want if you want to use x that's fine here's the description which is just there to tell the user what that time means over here our staff names are populated and then of course other information that you might want I've put in here grade pay number that their full time yes they get a meal so whatever we put into this information here will automatically appear for us to use on any of the rosters at any time we want so it's totally variable let's return to the interface page well I'll take you to one of the rosters let's choose roster number six and here you can see that as we mentioned earlier the dates are automatically populated and starting for this state if we were to add a staff member we just choose one of the two that is in there you'll...
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